What is the Adjustment Factor in the survey results export?

The adjustment factor is calculated by averaging a student's peer review scores and dividing it by the average rating for that team. This value is designed to highlight how well a student works on their team. An adjustment factor of 1.0 indicates that  the student is performing  at the average for their team. Scores greater than 1.0 indicate above average and less than 1.0 indicate below average.

Two adjustment factors are available in the survey average report:

  • The Peer Adjustment Factor
    • This adjustment factor only includes the peer reviews and excludes any self evaluation and instructor, mentor and client evaluations.
  • Aggregate Adjustment Factor
    • Factors all participants in the peer review so depending on who you selected to participate in the survey this can include the student's self evaluation, peer evaluation and instructor, mentor and client evaluations.
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