Reviewing 360 peer evaluation survey results

To read how to retrieve results for other types of survey beyond 360s (or how to export 360 result in bulk, via Excel) click here.

EduSourced supports many types of survey, including the 360 peer evaluation. The 360 is different from other survey types in that it involves multiple parties rating each student, and those results being shared back to the student. The specifics are configurable but a typical 360 involves students rating themselves, their teammates and being rated by their instructor. Typically, the results are anonymized for student view but again, this is configurable.

For Instructors, Administrators and Mentors, available 360 results can be retrieved from the Survey Dashboard or an individual project's Surveys tab. 


Reviewing 360 results in an individual project

Click into the project's Surveys tab, find the survey you wish to review and click View Results


Reviewing 360 results from the Dashboard

The Survey Dashboard view is collapsed by default, displaying only average scores for a given team on their survey. To view the average score for individual students, click the expand arrow next to the project name or click Expand on the top right of the screen.

Clicking the 360 score for any particular student will display the 360 results report.


Either path takes you to the same place: a 360 report for an individual student, which will look like the example below. A couple things to note on the 360 report:

  • Most programs will see a Release Results button at the top. This allows you to push the results to students at which point they can view this report in EduSourced. 
  • If a bar on the bar chart is not displayed, that class of user has not yet completed the survey and so there are no results to display.
  • The gray range indicator next to each bar on the chart is displaying the range of results that student received for the question category being charted.



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