Blackboard LTI Integration

The EduSourced Blackboard LTI integration allows students and instructors to view EduSourced action items and log in to EduSourced directly from Blackboard. LTI integration must be enabled on your EduSourced program, contact EduSourced Support to enable this feature. Some universities may require LTI tools to be pre-approved. If you are unable to add the integration using this method, please contact your Blackboard administrator. LTI integration is also available for other learning management systems including Canvas, Moodle, D2L.


Follow the steps below to enable the integration. These steps may vary slightly depending on which version of Blackboard your university uses.


Within the course you plan to use EduSourced, click Tool Availability under the Customization section:



Then scroll to the LTI option and make sure the checkbox under the "Available" column is checked. Then click "Submit".



Next, select "Content" in the sidebar, click "Build Content" and then select "Web Link":



Enter the values provided by your EduSourced administrator on the following page. Be sure to select the "This link is a Tool Provider" checkbox which will display the additional fields for LTI applications.

Name: EduSourced
Key: As provided by administrator
Secret: As provided by administrator
Custom Parameters: As provided by administrator (may not be needed for your configuration)

It is also recommended that you select "No" under "Open in new window"



Once enabled, users will be able to launch EduSourced by clicking on the "EduSourced" link in the content area where you created the weblink.


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