Project bidding: matching students to projects

There are two ways to add students to projects:

  1. Add Students Manually: assign students to projects directly.
  2. Project Bidding: students rank their top project choices allowing faculty and administrators to review those preferences and then make final project assignments.
This article is for project bidding. For instructions on how to add students manually, click here. To view how bid responses work from the student's perspective, click here. A related feature is Project Preview, allowing students to view dynamically your list of Accepted projects. This article details Project Preview.
Once you have added your projects and added your students, you are ready to open project bidding to collect student-project preferences and ultimately match them to projects. Each time you open bidding, you will select how many projects the students should be ranking.
There are two available configuration options for bidding. Contact EduSourced support to make changes to your configuration:
  1. By default, the Project Description is hidden to students when bidding but this can be enabled so they can view it
  2. You can add custom fields to your bidding form so that students are answering questions beyond just ranking the projects

You can access this feature from the Accepted and Active project lists, both available from the Projects tab.


Clicking Project Bid gives you a screen to build customize your bidding. The first step is to select the projects you wish to share with your students for them to rank. You can build a list of projects from multiple stages (proposed, accepted or active) and you can mix and match from each stage. By default, the select all option is highlighted so make sure to review the list draft to make sure these are the projects you want to share. You can individually select or de-select projects as needed, just click on the project title in your list.


The next step is to identify students for your bid. By default, all active students will be selected for your bidding but you can uncheck the select all and build the list student by student. You can also selectively remove any specific student(s) from your bid, even if you start with the select all option


The final step is to set an expiration date for your bidding and you can add additional messaging to the email notification that will go out to all students including in your bidding. At the end of the day on your expiration date, bidding will no longer be accessible to students (unless you open bidding again by repeating this process). You may want to set this 1 or 2 days after students are told to turn in their preferences so that any last minute poling entries can be collected.


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