Add users and delegate access

You can create any account type (except client) with the Users Control Panel. Select Users from the navigation bar to browse or search existing users, create new accounts, edit existing accounts and disable accounts that are no longer needed. You can even create a single account with multiple roles.

While you can add student accounts from this screen, there is a separate process for bulk uploading or updating your student roster. Click here to learn more.


To create a new account, select add user and select the role or roles you want to assign the user.Add_User_Overlay.png

Admin: can access all projects, program settings, reports and can create new users.  

InstructorPlus: can access all projects in your program.

Instructor: access limited to projects they are assigned to and projects they have created.

Student: access limited to projects they are assigned to. Users with the student role selected can participate in project polling and student surveys.

Mentor: access limited to projects they are assigned to. Mentors can interact with their projects but are not included in project surveys.

Client: client users are now integrated with all user types so you can manage them directly. Note that you cannot de-select the client role from an existing client account but you can select additional roles.

You can disable an account at anytime and remove that user from your current users list while disabling their access. Simply click the Edit icon, click Disable Account and click Submit.

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