Managing student applications in EduSourced

Some experiential programs involve a student application. These applications can be managed in EduSourced and students can apply at or click the +Invite Students button on your applied students page. If that link isn't active for you that means student applications have not been activated for your program. Contact to have this feature enabled for you at no cost.

Accessing the student application page

On the first page of the student application the student is creating an account. If they already have an account and need to apply (or are using your school's Single Sign On for authentication) they need to click the already have an account link. If students skip this step and try to create a new account with an email address that is already on file, the system will automatically direct them to login and continue their application.

Completing the student application

On the next page, students will fill out your application. This form is customizable, below are sample questions. Typically, schools accept a student's resume as part of the application but this field can be removed if it is not applicable to your program.

 Reviewing the applied students list

To access all student applications at once, click Dashboard > Reports and click the find the students report. Select Applied and click the Students Report button to pull down data on when students applied (identified by their account creation date in the report) alongside other details.


To review, accept or decline student applications inside the app, click Students > Applied. This list is searchable and you can download individual student resumes by clicking the download icon under the resume header or email the student directly with the mail icon. Clicking the Download Resumes at the top of the page will create a PDF output of every student's resume who has applied to your program but not yet been accepted or declined.

Accepting or (declining) a student

Clicking into the students name will display the full results of their application and from here the student can be accepted or declined from your program. Neither action generates an email notification, students will only be notified once you add them to a project or create a project poll for them.


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