Creating and submitting a project budget in the Spending feature

Note not all programs use this feature. If there is no Spending tab in your project, this feature is disabled for your program.

The Spending feature is designed to help keep track of expenses and budgets related to individual projects. This feature is highly configurable, and this article explains all your options when configuring this. 

This article is specific to the optional budget creation workflow. If your program uses the Budget Proposal Workflow, your Spending tab will look something like this:


Users can separately add Budget Line-Items and Expenses. A user can submit a project's Budget Line-Items to be approved by Instructors and Admins. Any expenses logged will be tracked against a project's total allotted budget.

To add a Budget Item, click the Add Budget Item button. This will prompt you to enter an item name and select an Account and Category for your new Line-Item. Accounts and Categories are used for your internal tracking purposes.


Users can add as many Budget Line-Items as they wish. Clicking the Submit button will then submit budget for approval by an Admin or Instructor. This button will then turn blue to indicate that the budget has been submitted.


If the budget is Approved and an additional Budget Line-Item is added, a new draft budget will be created, which can then be submitted for approval.


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