Creating and submitting a project budget

*Note not all programs use this feature. If the Time tab isn't showing up in your project, your program doesn't use this feature.

The budget tab allows you to propose a budget to your faculty or program manager to review and accept or decline. You can itemize expenses against expense categories that have been created by your faculty or program manager. To begin building your budget proposal, click Add Budget Item.


Type in the item name, pick an account (the only option may be "default", which is okay). Record the amount spent and the quantity of items. Click submit to finish or to add another item. You can always edit this entry later by clicking the pencil icon, or delete it by clicking the trashcan icon. Note the version selector: the (Draft) label indicates that your professor has not yet approved your budget. You can still log expenses but until the label changes to (Approved) you do not have confirmation that the budget is official.

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