Project tasks

Tasks is a simple tool for tracking delegation between your team. You students, instructors, mentors and even project clients can create new tasks to organize the team and build accountability. Click complete to mark a task as done. This can be undone at anytime by clicking incomplete on that same task. Click Create a New Task to create a new action item for your team.


Adding a new task

You can use the details window to add detailed instruction (note that this is optional). You can also add an individual student or students to the task and select a due date. When you're done click Create Task. Note that if you have added a due date to a task, any user(s) assigned to it will get an email notification two days before the task is due.


Viewing task details

Click the name of a task to view any instructors the task creator has added

Task_details.pngEditing and updating a task 

Click the pencil icon next to an existing task to edit. Click the trash icon to permanently delete the task.

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