Using milestones for students

Milestones tab

Milestones are used to keep track of your team's progress and provides a consistent record of each project's deliverable for your school. Milestones can be configured a number of different ways depending on your instructor's preference and may involve client visibility on your milestone submissions. For most student users, clicking into the project takes you immediately to the Milestones tab, pictured below. There is a key presented illustrating the various milestone states and you can directly interact with the milestones themselves.


Milestone details

You can click on a milestones name (for example, Individual Work Plan is a milestone name in the example above) to view any instructions your faculty has provided and any reference documentation under Project Attachments (e.g. the NDA template that you need to sign).

Uploading documents to a milestone

You may need to turn in a document or assignment when completing a milestone. To upload a document, click the paperclip icon on the milestone. Then, click the checkbox next to it to certify that it's complete. Uploading a file turns the paperclip box gray. You can upload multiple files here by repeating this step.


Clicking the down arrow next to the checkbox will display any files you or your teammates have submitted. You can always delete these files and replace them if you made a mistake.

Individual student milestone vs. team milestone

Simply click on the milestone checkbox to complete it or, if you require upload for that milestone, upload a file. Even if the milestone does not require an upload, you will still have the option to upload materials. If the milestone is a Team Milestone, any one student on the team completing it will show All Completed

(all_completed.JPG) but if it is an Individual Milestone it will show as Some Completed (some_complete.JPG) until all students on the team have completed.

Instructor verification

Not all programs/courses use this but if yours does: your instructor can make your milestone completion as Instructor Verified (Instructor_verified.JPG) so that you and your team can easily confirm approval.

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