Adding students to EduSourced

There are three ways to get students into EduSourced:

  1. Adding students one at a time
  2. Importing students from your school's database (more popular for curricular programs)
  3. Student applications  (more popular for extracurricular programs)

This article covered the first and second method. Read about student applications here.

To add other types of users, access the Users admin panel. Learn how here.

Adding a single student

Click +Add Student and you will be prompted to enter in the student's information. By default, this is email, first name and last name but you can add additional fields to your student profiles. Contact support to configure this.

Importing students

click Students -> Upload Students.

*note: this feature can be configured to accept custom outputs, including additional data fields for your students, from your student database. Contact EduSourced Support to set this up for your account. The default format is attached here.

Clicking Upload Students prompts you to upload a CSV file with your student recordsThe default format is attached here and simply contains Student First Name, Last Name and Email. To confirm the format that you should be using, click the "Click here" link, pictured above, in the Upload Students prompt. If you use the wrong format the upload will fail.

Notice the checkbox on the Upload Students prompt: "Mark students not in CSV as inactive." This is checked by default and assumes that all current students are leaving/graduating the program and that the new batch you are uploading is comprehensive. Unchecking this option allows you to upload a supplemental list of students to be appended to your existing student list in EduSourced. 

Uploading this list will update your student list and you will be ready to assign students to projects or create a Project Poll that they can vote on.

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