Milestone editor

The milestone editor allows Administrative Users to create milestones, update existing milestone lists and optionally add phases. This is a power-user feature to give you complete control over the milestone structure for your projects. We recommend revisiting this list before each semester to make any needed updates.

Accessing the milestone editor

If you are an admin, you can access the milestone editor through: Settings -> Milestones

Adding and editing milestones

From here you can either create an entirely new milestone list or update your existing list. Click Add Milestone to create a new one or click the pencil icon on an existing milestone to edit it. From here you will see the edit dialogue allowing you to name the milestone, add additional details which acts as instruction for the student view, apply a due date, attach any files you want students to review as part of this milestone and designate it as individual or team based. Individual milestones are required for completion by all individual students.

You can optionally add phases to your milestone list, but first, make sure you have created a phase by clicking add phase in the editor.

When creating a new milestone, you don't have to add a due date. If you do, click the dropdown arrow in the due date box to select a date:

Updating your projects with the new milestone list

After adding or editing your milestones, click Update Existing Projects to push these milestones to current and future projects. Remember, you can drag and drop milestones to change their order and add them to phases, which is optional.


A milestone is only added to a phase if the colored background surrounds the milestone. If the milestone is simply below a phase then it is not part of that phase.

These two milestones are in the pre-project phase:


Whereas here, the milestones are outside the pre-project phase. To add these milestones to the phase, simply drag and drop them. This is a bit touchy, look for a dark gray dropzone bar to show up inside the phase as you drag the milestone over it. When you see this dropzone, stop holding down your mouse button to drop the milestone into the phase.


Planning milestones

The planning milestones section allows you to queue up a set of milestones for your next batch of projects. This is especially helpful if you want to setup an updated milestone process for upcoming projects without interfering with current projects.

You can start this milestone plan from scratch or you can copy your existing milestone list as a starting point and edit it from there. To copy your current list, click Copy Current Milestones at the bottom of the page. You can create new milestones and phases, edit existing ones and drag and drop them to reorder just like with the your current milestones list. Click activate to set this as your new milestone list. You can only do this when you have no currently projects. If you do have active projects, you will receive a message asking you to archive your current projects before activating.


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