Creating and editing milestones

Milestones are meant to be common checkpoints that apply to all of your projects and whose submissions serve as a record of the project. Only Admin level users can create and edit milestones.

Settings -> Milestones


Adding and editing milestones

From here you can add new milestones or update existing milestones. Click Add Milestone to create a new one or click the pencil icon on an existing milestone to edit it. Your key options here are:

  • Type: is this a Student or a Client milestone?
  • Visibility: Student milestones can be made visible to Clients and vice versa. This means the milestone itself and any submissions to that milestone are visible to the other party. A useful example is a Final Deliverable Student milestone that is set to Visible to Clients allowing Client users on that project to collect the final submission automatically.
  • Completion Criteria: Is this a Team effort requiring completion by the entire team? If so, select this option and any student participant can mark this as fully complete. Select Individual Milestone if each individual on the project must complete it.
  • Due Date: This informs students when the milestone is due and triggers an email notification to those students the day of and 2 days later if the milestone has not yet been completed.
  • Upload Required: Selecting this means the milestone cannot be marked for completion until a file has been uploaded to it.
  • Attachments: Optionally attach documents or files to the milestone as a reference document available for all students or clients to see, depending on the type of milestone this is.


What are phases?

Phases are optional groupings of milestones to break up a long list into logical sections. If you have more than 7 milestones, using phases is recommended. Additionally, you may have Pre-project milestones that you wish to group as a "Pre-project" phase. Simply create a phase with the "Add Phase" button in Milestone Settings and then either select that Phase when creating a new milestone or drag and drop any milestone(s) into that phase after they are created.

A milestone is only added to a phase if the colored background surrounds the milestone. If the milestone is simply below a phase then it is not part of that phase.

These two milestones are in the pre-project phase:


Finalizing changes

When are you done making changes, Click Apply to finalize and add these milestones to your current projects. Changes are auto-saved already, clicking Apply simply updates any Active projects in your EduSourced with the new list.





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