EduSourced system email notifications

Email notifications in EduSourced are highly configurable for each user and starts with a sensible default setting designed to keep users informed (but not overloaded) on key information and project updates. To update your notification settings click Settings > Notifications.

Select Default for our standard notification list, Minimal to reduce your volume to the minimal email notifications that still surface key information and updates, or select Custom to select or deselect any available email notification aside from new user account and password reset notifications, which cannot be disabled.

Note this setting is available to every user, including Clients allowing for a modern and professional email notification experience.


By default, EduSourced sends the following notifications to users. Note that notifications can be customized per environment. For information on the notifications configured for your EduSourced environment, please contact EduSourced support.

  • Discussion post and reply
    • Students on project always notified
    • When “alert instructor” checked
      • Instructors on project notified
    • When “client discussion” checked
      • Client contacts on project notified
  • Added to project notification
    • Instructors
    • Students
    • Mentors
  • Task due reminder email
    • Assigned students
  • Weekly Digest Email
    • Sent weekly to EduSourced Instructor level and higher users
    • Contains a high level summary of assigned projects and activity in EduSourced
    • Only sent if there is sufficient activity in a user's active projects to warrant a summary
  • New project submission notification
    • Administrators
  • Welcome email upon account creation
    • All user types
  • Survey notification
    • All user types
  • Survey reminders for incomplete surveys
    • Sent to users that have not completed their survey after two days
  • Milestone reminder email on due date
    • Students
    • Only for milestones with a due date
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