Project milestones and milestones dashboard

Project milestones are a standard set of checkpoints which apply to all of your projects. This is separate from the task feature where faculty and students can delegate unique tasks within each project. Your milestones and phases can be edited at anytime. This article explains how.

To see how students use milestones, click here.

Milestone dashboard

  • Click Dashboard and review all student progress against your milestones in one place
    • Depending on your number of milestones and teams, this may take a while to load. There is a lot of data and documents being loaded in the background.
  • Click on the checkbox icon to see which student(s) have completed the milestone and any assignments or documents that have been submitted. The key below is for the various milestone types and their completed/incomplete states:


Milestone types and options

An update to milestones in summer 2019 makes this feature more robust than ever: we now support the following milestone types with the following options:

  •  Student milestones
    • Can be visible or invisible to clients on a per-milestone basis
    • Set to either Team Milestone (the entire team acts as one here and any student can complete/submit) or Individual Milestone where each student is required to complete
    • (available with the Canvas Native integration) assignment points can be listed for the milestone and linked to an assignment in your Canvas course.
  • Client milestones (new for fall 2019)
    • Can be visible or invisible to students on a per-milestone basis

For all milestone types, they can have a due date linked to them (this sends an email notification automatically when due), files attached to them (e.g. a reference document like an NDA template or presentation guidelines) and Milestone Details which is where you can enter instructions for the students or clients to view and you can group milestones in Phases.


These are simply groupings of milestones and are entirely optional. Common phases are a "pre-project phase" a "design phase" and a "delivery phase" as an example.



Downloading milestone submissions

To download submissions for a given milestone across all of your projects: click the download button under the milestone name highlighted below in red:


To download a submission for a specific project, click the milestone completion icon for that project and click the file name under Project Attachments (or click the trash icon to delete it):


Completing or approving milestones as an Instructor

As an instructor, you can check a project's milestones off to validate or approve the milestone submission.  To do this, click into a project and click the milestone completion box next to the milestone you want to complete. This switches the icon to the Instructor Verified (Instructor_verified.JPG) so students can easily confirm approval. If you click the icon again, it displays as Instructor Declined (instructor_declined.JPG) and if you click a third time it resets it to the normal milestone icon.

Completing milestones for students
Students will simply click on the milestone checkbox to complete it or, if you require upload for that milestone, upload a file. Even if the milestone does not require an upload, students will still have the option to upload materials. If the milestone is a Team Milestone, any one student on the team completing it will show All Completed (all_completed.JPG) but if it is an Individual Milestone it will show as Some Completed (some_complete.JPG) until all students on the team have completed.


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