Project milestones and milestones dashboard

Project milestones are a standard set of checkpoints which apply to all of your projects. This is separate from the task feature where faculty and students can delegate unique tasks within each project. Your milestones and phases can be edited at anytime. This article explains how.

To see how students use milestones, click here.

Accessing milestones for project administrators (instructors and staff)

  • Click Dashboard and review all student progress against your milestones in one place
  • Click on the checkbox icon to see which student(s) have completed the milestone and any assignments or documents that have been submitted

Milestone key

  1. White checkbox: An individual milestone that has been completed by one or more students but not yet completed by every team member.
  2. Colored circle in with no checkbox: fully completed. Whether your milestone is group or individual, a colored in circle means it is complete
  3. Gray circle: this is an individual milestone that no students have completed
  4. Gray with a checkbox: this is a group milestone that no students have completed



Completing milestones and uploading files

As an instructor, you can check a project's milestones off or upload documents into a milestone yourself.
  • Click into any project and access the milestones tab
  • Click paperclip to submit files and assignments
  • Click the checkbox to complete a milestone on behalf of the team. Whether the milestone was setup for team or individual completion, it will now show up as completed in the milestone dashboard.
  • Click the checkbox again to undo the completion


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