Why can't I add a student to EduSourced?

Common reasons why you would encounter an error when adding a student(s) to your EduSourced environment:


  • The student may already have an account. Search students in the active, applied, alumni and denied sections to check. If a student has been marked as an alum, for example, you can re-activate them by clicking the "Current" button at the top right of the student profile


  • If a student has previously applied to your program through EduSourced and never finished their application. That student will need to login and complete their student application to show up in the applied students section.


  • If a student has been previously added as a non-student user: faculty, mentor or client, then they will need to use a new email address to also be added as a student. If you need to convert a faculty, mentor or client account to a student please contact us.
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