Getting Started with EduSourced

Welcome to EduSourced, an online platform for experiential learning used by over 100 Colleges and Universities. Depending on what type of User you are, what you see in the app will vary a bit.

Administrators: for people who run an experiential program, EduSourced is a single repository for all projects, stakeholders, outcomes and records. You have access to Users, a page where you can create and edit user accounts, Dashboards where you can review project progress and other insights across teams and Reporting, where you can retrieve records and other reports from across your program. You can also view all projects in your EduSourced workspace.

Learn more: EduSourced Wikiguide for Faculty & Administrators

Students: you'll use EduSourced to connect with your team and project client (if your program uses live clients) in a way that helps your instructor keep tabs on everything and help out where needed. You can collaboratively edit Files in real-time from the Files tab, complete 360 Peer Reviews in your project's Surveys tab and log Project Health to vote on your view of whether your project is on-track or not, among other things.

Learn more: EduSourced Wikiguide for Students

Instructors: oversee your team projects in one place - unlike conventional educational platforms, external clients and mentors can log into EduSourced to engage with your students. Efficiently identify issues or challenges your teams run into with Project Health, measure learning outcomes with 360 Surveys and keep your project clients engaged.

Learn more: EduSourced Wikiguide for Faculty & Administrators

Mentors: if you are not an employee or student of your host school, you are generally locked out of school systems. The point of real-world learning engagements is to bring you: someone with real-world experience, into the classroom. How to do that when existing university systems and tools lock you out? EduSourced is your bridge into the classroom to engage with student teams, oversee and offer support as needed.

Clients: most experiential projects completed in EduSourced involve a Project Client - by providing a challenge to a student team, you are providing what may be the most impactful learning experience of those students' academic careers. You'll use EduSourced to evaluate the team with Surveys, review project deliverables with Milestones and communicate with the students in Discussions and Files.



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