How do I access student resumes?

There are three ways to access student resumes:

  • Download all student resumes at once
  • Download the resume of an individual applied student from the applied or accepted students list
  • Download a students resume directly from the student's profile

To download all student resumes at once:

  1. Click Students
  2. Access any student list (applied, accepted, current, alumni or declined)
  3. Click the Download resumes button at the top of the list


To download the resume of an individual student who has applied to your program:

(note this only applies if your program uses our student applications feature)

  1. Click Students
  2. Click either the Applied or Accepted tabs
  3. Click the resume download icon next to any student's name who has uploaded a resume as part of their application.


To download a students resume directly from the student's profile:

  1. Access the student profile
  2. Click the resumes tab
  3. Click the resume name to download the file

To access the student profile as part of the project polling process, click on the students name under the showed interest header. Note that next to the students name will be the ranking they gave this project and if they are currently placed on any other projects.


Once inside the student profile click the resumes tab to view any resume that the student has uploaded, either as part of the application process or otherwise.


For details on managing the entire student application process, click here.


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