Understanding the budgets dashboard

If your program uses the Budgets feature, you will have a Budgets dashboard to review any project budgets that are in the draft, submitted or approved stage. Students can log expenses against their budgets so this is a great way to keep track of project expenses and manage many project budgets at once.

For more information on how students create a budget, click here.

To access the budgets dashboard, Click Dashboard and then click Budgets from the list of dashboards. If none of your students have created budgets, this screen will be blank. Otherwise you will see a view similar to below. Note that the projects are color-coded based on whether the have an approved (green), submitted (yellow) or draft (tan) budget. This view shows you the amount of the budget (under Total:) and the amount, if any, that has been spent against the budget under "Spent:"


Click the name of any project in this list to access that project's budget details. From here you can approve or reject a submitted budget or simply view a draft or approved budget. You can also add notes to budget line items for your students to see.


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