Understanding the survey dashboard

To schedule your project surveys, use the survey scheduler. Click here for more info.

To review the other ways you can access survey results, click here.

Surveys dashboard

Click Dashboard and click Surveys to access the surveys dashboard. By default, this view shows all currently active projects. The initial view shows the average survey response score (if available). To see individual survey results by student, click the down arrow to expand for one project or click Expand in the top right to expand the view for all projects at once.


To review the results of an individual survey from the dashboard, expand the survey view and click on the number in line with a student's name.


In the above example, 2.5, 2.8 and 4 are the average scores Jane has received in her peer evaluations. This value is always targetting the student listed (these are not the values that student provided). Click any of those numbers to review the exact survey results for the student.

Below is an example survey result. Frederick gave a 3, 2, 4 and 4. Whenever multiple student responses differ, they're listed separately. If the responses from multiple students are the same, you will only see one result. In this example, the fourth question has a single 4 response because both students gave this student a 4.


The survey dashboard tells you if a survey has been completed by all students, some students or no student for a given project. Click the check circle for more detail. If a circle is colored in, all students on that project have completed it. If it is white with an outline, some students have completed the survey and if the circle is grayed out, no students have completed it. In the example below, the first three surveys are fully completed, the fourth one is completed by some students but not all and the fifth survey has not been completed by any student.


Clicking any of the circles will reveal who has completed the survey, as pictured below. Clicking the student's name will take you to that student's profile.


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