Using the survey scheduler

Use the Survey Scheduler to preview and schedule your project surveys. To edit the content of any surveys, email your updated survey content to

To view the contents of a survey, click the survey's name or Eye icon in the Question Sets section. Each Question Set has a schedule. Click Edit to update this schedule or disable the survey.

The surveys are grouped by survey type, e.g. peer evaluation, client survey, etc. You may have a single survey per group or multiple surveys grouped together. An example of multiple surveys grouped together would be a self-reflection survey that is coupled with a peer evaluation.

Scheduling can be set by a specific date or automated.

Schedule by Date

Click the Schedule by Date selector to easily set as many instances of the survey as you want. Simply click the plus button to create a new instance and set the date to ensure your survey will go out on the appropriate days. Each new line is an additional instance of the survey and in the example below, the peer evaluation will be sent on 1/11/2017 and 1/18/2017.

Schedule with Automation

Use this feature to schedule surveys to automatically repeat for a specific interval of days, weeks or months or to set surveys to automatically trigger a specific amount of time after the project is started or archived.

In the example below, a peer evaluation is set to go out 7, 20, 30, 40 and 55 days after the project has started. You can add more scheduled items with the plus button at the bottom or click the X next to any survey item.

Schedule with

Note that there is no repetition. If you want the project to go out every 21 days, for example, your screen should look like the example below. You can set this to end repeat after a particular number of times or you can have it repeat indefinitely until you archive the project. 

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