Sending and scheduling surveys

Click Settings > Surveys.

To view the contents of a survey, click the survey name or Eye icon (Eyecon, if you will) in the Question Sets section. Question Sets can be grouped together to be distributed together.

If you need to apply a due date to your survey and/or distribute a survey to only some of your project teams, use the Send Now function.

Send Now

Surveys can be triggered to send immediately. This new feature allows you to optionally set a due date and to survey some or all of your projects. In the Survey Editor, find the survey you want to send, click the Send Now button and follow the prompt to immediately distribute this survey to your selected project teams.


You can select a due date to close the survey out and prevent students from completing the survey late (or leave it blank to leave the survey open) and add a custom notification message.


Schedule by Date

Click the Schedule by Date to queue up your surveys in advance for specific dates. This is useful if you need to match a schedule laid out in your syllabus. Simply click the plus button to create a new instance and set the date to ensure your survey will go out on the appropriate days. Each new line is an additional instance of the survey and in the example below, the peer evaluation will be sent on 1/11/2017 and 1/18/2017.

Schedule with Automation

This feature is useful for setting a regular cadence to your surveys, save time, and ensure all of your teams are surveyed uniformly.

To use Automation, click Edit Schedule


Most commonly, surveys are scheduled x number of weeks into a project and set to distribute until the project ends but you can be very granular in your scheduling and set a survey to go out as the example below, 7, 20, 30, 40 and 55 days after the project has started. You can add more scheduled items with the plus button at the bottom or click the X next to any survey item.


In the above example, each survey goes out at a different number of days into the project. A simple way to automate your surveys, is to set it to repeat a number of days/weeks/months into or after the project. You can set this to end repeat after a particular number of times or you can have it repeat indefinitely until you archive the project. 

You can even schedule surveys to distribute after a project ends. The example below has a survey scheduled for 1 day after the project is archived (ended). Scheduling a survey after archive is especially useful client surveys, to check in with them after a project is completed and get their feedback.


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